Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct
Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct
Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct
Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct
Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct

Kashmir Opalescent Sapphire 0.85ct

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An exquisite Kashmir opalescent sapphire.

Unlike traditional sapphires known for their singular vibrancy, this captivating 0.85ct oval stone boasts a mesmerising play of light, showcasing a spectrum of pink hues that dance across its surface.

This unique phenomenon, known as opalescence, is due to tiny inclusions within the gemstone. As light interacts with these inclusions, it diffracts and scatters, creating a internal light display that shifts and transforms with every angle.

In this stone, the play of colour ranges from a delicate blush to a deeper rose, evoking the soft hues of a summer sunset. This captivating characteristic adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the stone, making it a truly remarkable treasure.

A Gemstone Steeped in History and Rarity

Kashmir sapphires are renowned for their exceptional quality and rich history. Mined in the majestic Himalayan mountains, these sapphires have captivated royalty and collectors for centuries. The rarity of Kashmir opalescent sapphires further elevates their value, making them coveted gems for discerning jewellery enthusiasts.


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