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Jewellery that speaks to your soul

Moments Jewellery began as a hobby at the dining room table, where I spent hours making gemstone bracelets, each one held a special meaning – a spark of courage, a boost of positivity, or a symbol of hope for new beginnings. These weren't just bracelets; they were tiny reminders of the strength and connection we carry within.


As my skills blossomed, my designs evolved. Delicate pieces crafted with fine metals and gemstones became my signature style, leading to the creation of engagement rings and bespoke pieces. Though as my brand grew, I felt a disconnect between the precious jewels and the purpose behind my brand. While the beauty of fine jewellery is undeniably captivating, something was missing - that deeper emotional connection.


That's where the “Forever in Bloom” Pendants come in.


Bridging the gap between those meaningful moments and the elegance of fine jewellery. You choose the precious metal and gemstone, but the true magic lies in the hand-sketched engraving – a unique story whispered in precious metal, a cherished memory forever close to your heart.

Choose Your Blooms

Create your own meaningful bouquet with up to four different blooms to represent a special time or person in your life.

Each bouquet is sketched uniquely for you, and engraved onto your pendant.