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1.13ct Oval Lab Diamond

1.13ct Oval Lab Diamond

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Create a bespoke setting with us when you choose one of our loose stones. Simply place your order and we will be in touch to start your design process. Estimated delivery date of your jewellery will be 4-6 weeks from order date. 

IGI certified 1.13ct oval lab diamond


- 7.79 x 5.93 x 3.76

- 1.13ct weight

- Brilliant oval cut

- D Colour

- VVS2 Clarity

- Excellent cut, polish and symmetry

- Created using HPHT (High pressure high temperature) environment. 


What is a lab diamond?

lab grown diamonds are simply real diamonds which have been created in a laboratory. Also known as man-made or engineered diamonds, they are grown using technologically advanced processes in a highly controlled lab environment which mimics the conditions in which diamonds naturally develop underneath the earth’s crust. 

Lab grown diamonds are just as sparkly, just as strong and just as special as natural diamonds - perfect for your special piece. 


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