Welcome! I'm so pleased you're here.

Hi, I'm Alicia - owner, maker, visionary director and everything else in between! My mission is to infuse more sparkle into every moment, the jewellery I create is both elegant and easy to wear. It’s fine jewellery for everyday life - because every woman deserves her own everyday luxury moment.

I believe that fine jewellery must not be saved only for special occasions, and that women deserve to feel luxurious at any time and for any occasion. Give yourself confidence, a feeling of success and everlasting luxury with a timeless piece, curated by me and made bespoke just for you.

"I've always been fascinated with beautiful and elegant jewellery. I remember the feeling of delight when given the rare opportunity to peruse my great grandmothers jewellery box at a young age and marvelling at the intricacy of her rings and the vivid colours of the stones.

I believe that jewellery holds the ability to capture the essence of a person, to hold memories and to be treasured for a lifetime. I still look at these rings today and can vividly recall the fond memories of the times I shared with her.

My dream is for each piece of Moments Jewellery to be a moment of pure pleasure and delight, every time it is worn, and for future generations to treasure."